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Zach Corcoran
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Zach Corcoran Sounds like a great love-making album...also sounds like a simply great album! Fantastic work. The track names are, in my opinion, disappointing, but the musical content is *excellent*. I think I genuinely like this whole album, although it will take more listens to be sure. Still, at the very worst I genuinely like practically the entire album, which is rare but always a treat for me. Favorite track was a tough call. Most of the tracks put up a very tough fight for that honor, in my opinion. Favorite track: Riviera.
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released March 4, 2014

Written and produced by Mattias Friberg

Performed by:
Mattias Friberg
Britta Persson
Karl Arvidson
Per Nordmark
Johannes Borgström
Kicki Halmos
Sibille Attar
Nina Kinert
Mathias Oldén

℗ & © SHADOW SHADOW 2014
MOLN001 under exclusive license to Molnstaden
All rights reserved. Made in the EU.

Recorded by Mathias Oldén and Mattias Friberg at Aerosol Grey Machine and Vader Island.
Additional recordings by Frans Hägglund and Karl Larsson at Riddarborgen.
Mixed by Mathias Oldén.
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg.
Cover by Karl Arvidson and Mattias Friberg.
All songs published by Feeble Music.
Under license by Molnstaden.
Distributed by Bad Taste Records.

Mathias O, Marco H, Frans H, Mattias J, Pete H, Shahla F, Paris P, Björn B, Jonas N, Olle B, Johan N, Hanna S, Magnus L, Daniel H, Linus J, Johan L, Simon T, Michael D P, Eric M, Astrid B, Märta T,
Johan T, Karl L, Ebba L, Angelica V, Scott P, Robin S, Evan P, Pontus W, Stina H, Niklas H, Joel E, Christoffer L, Hansi F, John P, Ann-Christin P F, Bengt P, Kristian K, Tobias R, Johannes B, Zlatan I, Roberto B, Stephen C, T S E, Angela C, William G, William B, Hasse A, Tage D, Djuna B, H P L, Raymond C, Samuel Taylor C, Ingmar B, Thomas P, Hjalmar S, Anais N, Isidor D, Ennio M, Sergio L, Ryszard K, Tove J.



all rights reserved


Shadow Shadow Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Riviera

new romances and last cigarettes before the dawn
shivering in bright summer nights in parking lots
we would not fall in love

on the run from the air conditioned dungeons of the day
we were shadows out in the streets trying to defeat the forces of light
but we would not fall in love
we would fall
but not in love

coming back with the bats, the sailors, the hustlers and the whores
the city lights going out to sleep until night
setting fire to the fields
crawling back into the sea
now we know how it goes
can you see where the wave finally broke?
we would not fall in love
we would fall
but not in love
Track Name: Skull Drums
skull drums

all you creatures of the night, don't stay inside, come out and play
with fingers for claws and hands for paws and shit for brains, slyly tipping on their toes, these people think they're gonna take us home

come on out of your shadows
neon light spilling out your eyes
the forest echoes of the pounding of skull drums tonight
to the latecomers are left the bones
and they thought they were gonna take us home

stop wasting our time
Track Name: 1000001

a million and one days
all cool and very clear
like fear
you can see very far but not as far as you have gone

i can't take the nights
can't fake the rush all the time
and i can't fight the nights all by myself all the time
there's something in the way

not one in a million
still hoping for a miracle
for pieces of a heart that can't start beating until you call

i can't take the nights
can't fake the rush all the time
and i can't fight the nights all by myself all the time
there's something in the way
Track Name: Treasure Island
treasure island

lights drift by on the horizon at night
pass out of sight like we were never alive

the treasure that i found
gonna bury it deep in the ground

you've got a heart full of gold but it's cold like the night
i'm building a fire to keep it alive

the treasure that i found
gonna bury it deep in the ground
one night they'll see our fire and they'll come and they'll take you away
the treasure that i found
gonna bury it deep in the ground
Track Name: A Thousand Lost Golf Balls
a thousand lost golf balls

way beneath the waves cobblestones and SUVs flow through ancient streets, the floors of silent seas
way back in libraries lost our little heads were graced with straws
in the waste we found a place, a bed of broken jaws

and in the night
we listen to the rats
scuttling over broken glass

somewhere in the debris maybe there's a dream
somewhere in the dark maybe there's a heart

it's always night or we would not need light
Track Name: Sunset Bending
sunset bending

you're the trouble, you're the noise that keeps breaking through the dream
the one i always dream
you haunt the night

past the polish and the bleach, bending through the dirt, you fall into the sea
you haunt the night

little shell, what says the sea?
at the bottom of the well you left your name
you haunt the night
Track Name: Where the Ocean Is
where the ocean is

almost like a dream
almost like a dream
then blood in the water and the fins closing in
alchemizing lies, knives behind their smiles, into collections of loud tales in colorful designs concentrating eternal stupidities
a nightmare hiding behind the pretty dream
but its feet are sticking out
its feet are sticking out

there's whispering in the winds, between rocks, among the trees
at midnight shadows prowl the hills, red lights revolving in the leaves
if that bitch should ever disappear downstream then i won't sing
no one will ever know
i'll show you where the ocean is
Track Name: Kill Screen
kill screen

in sewers underground
schools of empty suits
swim for their witch houses downtown
wallow through the ruins
try to pull the rugs
of honest bears
out from under the feet
of the final beast

the counter rolls over
freezing the scene
come night we watch the sky
turning a kill screen
the eagles up above
falling off their clouds
falling off their clouds
falling off their clouds
Track Name: Hi Los
hi los

big show, bright lights
an oasis of horror glittering in a desert of boredom
a relocation program for the cold
forget everything
disappear into the high lows
not waiting for anything

the pavement's not giving in
makes the flowers look stupid down in the dark
the shadows keep dancing to the echoing of the thrill
but all i remember is the next drink
not waiting for anything